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Sjogren's? Help!

I was diagnosed by a blood test in 2019 that I do in fact have Sjogren's Syndrome. Everything was fine until last April, 2022. Now we are in April 2023 and I feel the same if not worse. I have to learn how to live with this dry eye dry mouth and it is not easy. Last April it hit me and hit hard. I thought it was just a flare up but no, it has not let up. I have tried and tried to figure this out with different doctors, my saliva gland is fine, blood work looks ok, everything just looks dandy. BUT I am miserable! My eyes feel goopy, cloudy, and far from clear. My mouth and teeth feel like a sand dollar, DRY and nasty. I have lost 25 lbs. due to food not tasting right or going down well. It is hard to swallow without saliva or much of it. I have had my saliva gland checked and the doctor said it seemed fine. I beg to differ. I am just trying to feel better but nothing seems to work.

I have already written so much of this stuff down in order to get on FMLA so I can stay home and work. I have a hard time wearing certain clothes, most itch me too bad. I sweat throughout the day, pee continuously, and have had bouts of depression and anxiety to boot. I cannot imagine going in the office working like this. I WAS working in the office for quite a while like this until I realized how bad I was getting. I have to figure this out. But so far, I have only put band-aids on the symptoms and they don't even work that well.

I believe I have to come to reality and learn how to live like this and live happy. I have a hard time eating, my anxiety is out of control, my sleeping schedule is messed up, and that is something I always prided myself with. I never had problems sleeping. Now I can usually go to sleep, but I wake up and wake up nervous! My body is tense, so so tense. I can feel how tense it is it just seems pathetic. RELAX. There is absolutely no reason to be so tense.


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